Wednesday, February 23, 2011

a long february

it has been a rough go for us this winter. i knew we would probably be sicker than normal since we just moved here. i knew our immune systems wouldn’t be up to the task of keeping us healthy the whole season.

but, i did have hope that we might come through it with grace and patience.


february has seen us blow through two bottles of children’s motrin, two bottles of infant tylenol, a box of mucinex for kids, countless albuterol treatments, one visit to the ER, two visits to the pediatrician, two prescriptions for prelone, one bottle of zithromax, one bottle of amoxicillin, triple the normal amount of hot showers (most of them in the middle of the night) and the purchase of a new humidifier.

and a partridge in a pear tree…

i thought that after influenza paid us a visit, we were in the clear.

not so much.

now we are on to the diaper rash direct from the depths of, well, H-E-double hockey sticks. moose has had a rash since he finished up his antibiotics. it was, of course, yeast like, so we had to get monistat to put on his tush. now he has had diarrhea for the last several days. he went on clears sunday.

walgreen’s and i are on a first name basis.

in the midst of this, well, i know i am supposed to look for and (here is the real trick) find gifts to count.

it has been hard.

but i managed a few.

*a husband who works from home so that we can tag team the kiddos. esp the moose, who wouldn’t let us put him down for anything in the midst of 104 fevers.

*an understanding charge nurse who had her son bring some of her albuterol so that i could get stinkerbell her breathing treatments without the added expense of an office visit.

*that same nurse letting me leave my shift early so that i could head home and nurse my 4 sickies and not leave the KISA high and dry.

*an illness that swept through the house, but left dad alone. and only hit me hard for 24 hours.


*the lack of vomiting, despite the ever-present diarrhea of the moose.

*moments of cuddling with each child as i checked fevers with forehead kisses.

*the accuracy of those kisses!!

*prayers lifted on our behalf.

*daddy playing “teddy bear” with stinkerbell

*the peace of a cough-less night… after too many nights of croup running rampant and attacking each child.

*the joy of kissing foreheads in the middle of the night and finding them blissfully cool.

*the healing power of momma’s milk!

*kisses on my forehead from the KISA

*getting this posted, even though it is two days late!!

*the encouragement i get when i read other lists of gifts. even though i don’t post too often anymore, i so enjoy stealing a moment here and there to see how God is blessing other women in their daily lives.


this post has been several days in the draft cycle. i started it on sunday, fully intending it to be completed in time for monday’s Multitude Monday post over at A Holy Experience. *sigh*

Thursday, February 10, 2011

trying out live writer

well.  i am trying out the live writer i have heard so much about.  i am hoping that it will make posting a tad bit easier.  we shall see :)