Monday, March 15, 2010

guess where i was this weekend?

in false labor, that's where!

our lovely little boy decided he wanted a trial run, and had us headed into our local labor and delivery for a 24 hour stint of fetal monitoring, cervical checks, IV fluids, and some pretty convincing contractions. thankfully, everything stalled out in the early morning and we were sent home sunday afternoon.

i am at 3 cm and 60% effaced, and just waiting. we are glad he decided to take it east and NOT come yet, as he just isn't done growing yet! i know that 34 weekers do really well, but all the NICU nurses and Perinataologist talk really has a way of sobering you up. when this little one is born, the last thing i want is for him to have to spend time in the neonatal unit on oxygen and receiving supplemental feeding to help keep his blood sugar stable.

so....we wait :) hopefully, expectantly, for God's perfect timing!

1 comment:

Jamie~ said...

Still praying!!!

This little guy is just anxious to meet all of you.

Does he have a name yet?