Saturday, April 3, 2010

warning: whining about to commence

if you don't want to read a post from a whiney pregnant woman, read no further.


i am tired of being pregnant. this pregnancy has really taken its toll on me.

i am irritable. i am impatient. my children look at me as if i have grown 3 heads and am going to eat them alive.

i just might.

i had a dr. appt yesterday and, of course, my cervix is unchanged. so, she kindly stripped the membranes.

it started the contractions in earnest a few hours later. first they were 6 minutes apart, and within a few hours we were headed to the hospital with contractions at 3 minutes apart and painful. once we get there, they confirmed the contractions, but the cervix wasn't going anywhere.

so i walked around for an hour.

lovely hospital gowns (one on front and one on back, ya know, to cover up the wide load). flip flops, and a tour of the lovely hospital grounds.

the KISA ate a cheeseburger and sweet potato fries while i did a circuit around a big copper tree.
is it a bad thing that i rejoiced when he accidentally threw away his cookies with the trash? esp since i was only allowed ice chips?

back up to L&D for another check. no change.

have to walk outside for another hour. thank goodness the weather is nice here.

i haven't walked this much since before i was pregnant!

back upstairs. painful contractions 2 minutes apart, can't walk through them.

no change.

call the doctor.

go home.

go home? when do i come back?

"when your contractions are close together and painful."

you mean, like they are right now???????

oh, well. at least i got to lay in my own bed to get through them. and eat.

eating was nice.

i am tired of the contractions. they are tiresome. they wake me up frequently. i don't need any practice for after the baby comes. i need sleep.

i am discouraged.

i am whiney.

i am impatient.

i may just eat one of my children today.

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Heather said...

oh, friend...

Sending baby eviction vibes your way. the real deal this time.