Monday, March 28, 2011

march winds…

we have had a pretty decent march.  last year at this time, i was on strict bedrest awaiting the birth of child #4, and encountering significant financial hardships as the KISA’s job situation hung in the balance.  this march, we are enjoying our new (old) home, getting reacquainted with our local attractions and exploring new territory.

a welcome change :)

as i count up my gifts from the Lord this week, i am glad that i can look back on our last year as a time of incredible challenges and lots of character development… both for myself as well as my family.  i am eagerly anticipating what He is going to do with us as we continue to trust in His plan for our lives.  although, sometimes i still try to manage things at my level (insert bashful grin here)…


229. we have a beautiful lake formed by a man made dam just 13 miles from the house.  we spent some time there after church to picnic.  i caught this great snapshot of daddy and daughter by the lake front. 


230. as we walked through the woods on the marked trail, we came across two mule deer just munching happily on the grass.  this isn’t even on zoom :)  i was pleased at how quiet the kids were as we stood watching.


231. felled trees make for excellent climbing adventures!


232. stinkerbell had to dress up her lamb… it still has on the diaper!


233. the moose is really enjoying music… he will even try to sing along!  i love watching him dance to daddy’s guitar.


234. this is the 4 kiddos watching daddy go.  moose is actually standing on the air register along the floorboard so that he can see out.  all you see from outside is from the ‘whites of his eyes’ up :)

more gifts…

235. green grass sprouting up in abundance

236. sun peeking through the clouds on an overcast day

237. the decreased use of the heater, and more open windows!

238. protective doggy barks

239. after dinner walks

240. getting off a few hours early from work

241. next door neighbor kids and talking through the fence

242. back yard play

243. fondant recipes that are easy

244. an upcoming birthday

245. glue dots and double stick tape

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