Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Morality in Politics

in the last two months, i think we have begun to get a taste of what the current administration is all about. yesterday it left me physically nauseated. the president basically said that a life to come was not nearly important as a life that already is.

Mr. Obama called his decision a "difficult and delicate balance," an understatement of the intense emotions generated on both sides of the long, contentious debate. He said he came down on the side of the "majority of Americans" who support increased federal funding for the research, both because strict oversight would prevent problems and because of the great and lifesaving potential it holds. (See story here)

i am not sure to whom the president is referring when he says the "majority of americans." i do know that many people who are in support of embryonic stem cell research are very uninformed about exactly how these stem cells are obtained. a life is taken. it is as simple as that. the "promise" of researching embryonic stem cells can not possibly outweigh the loss of a life. a good read on this is by joni erickson tada and nigel m. de s. cameron called "How to Be Christian in a Brave New World." since i am not too politically motivated, it is hard for me to find the words to express my feelings. i just know that i need to pray for the voice of those unborn children to be heard.

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