Tuesday, April 7, 2009

tuesday's torment

oh. this past week has been an interesting one. and kind of sad, too. my mom emailed me to give me some 'news.' my dad had to have surgery on his shoulder...no big deal, he did well in the surgery and was home the next day-about when the nerve block wore off and he started needing the good stuff. she also berated me for not keeping in touch with my uncle better. ummm. ok. the man just popped back into our lives after literally 25+ years of silence. he has emailed me 3 times in the last 6 months. he has called once. i have returned 2 of the 3 emails (the 3rd was a thank you for the photo book we sent him of the kids from kodak gallery..i didn't think i needed to respond).

anyway...i was a bit in disbelief. this was coming from the woman who calls me, like...never. she has started calling on birthdays...but only recently (because now our 6 year old can hold a conversation). we lived about an hour and a half from her for almost 3 years, and she didn't call or drop by often then, either. and it wasn't like she didn't come to our town. she lives in the E of BFE and she had to come up to our town regularly for stops to the grocery store, specialty stores, doctor whatever...i found out she came up about once a month, but never even stopped by. hmmm. when i lived in cali (for 10 years) she came ONCE. for my wedding. not even for the birth of 2 of our children (the 3rd was born when we live closer to her). she came on saturday...the wedding was monday. she left monday. so, i found it a little pot-calling-the-kettle-black that she was harping on me for not keeping in touch with my uncle whom i have had very little contact with anyway.

but...now the gut punch! turns out he is in the middle of being diagnosed with ALS. Lou Gherigs disease. wow. that is kind of a blow. i mean, just because we haven't had the closest relationship doesn't mean i don't love the guy. so, ok...i need to keep in touch with him better. a lot better. maybe even gather up all the wee-uns and head to north carolina to see him. it seems like his symptoms have progressed rather quickly...i really need to just let the past go and live for today, ya know?

on that note. i need to go hang out with my kids. you never know what might happen. i want to treasure each moment and capture it so that i cannot forget it when i am old.

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