Wednesday, June 24, 2009

tuesday's torment on wednesday: harder than i thought

my MIL is here...

i thought she would be driving back and forth between us and her sister's house.


she is here. sleeping on the couch.

this has been difficult.

the house is small.

i am dreading the days after she leaves because the discipline has been very lax this last week.

she cannot say no.

she lets the boys run all over her.

every time i discipline them i feel guilty because, as she puts it, "i don't get to see them very often."


every word i say gets filtered through our last time together.

every look she gives me gets filtered through our last time together.

and it is hard to be a good hostess.


i am trying, Lord, i am. please give me grace and patience to last the week.

help me be Christ-like toward her. and hospitable. and treat her as You would treat me.


Help Meet in the Making said...

I will be praying for you this week! I'm sure it is hard to deal with that..but just know that you can do all things through Christ, who gives you strength! Even be a gracious hostess to your mother-in-law! :)

Giovanna said...

Keep in mind , that this too shall pass. Like all things in life that are hard , there will be, hopefully soon, a time when she will no longer be there and be a drain on your emotional and spiritual life. Keep in mind, that if you do as God wants you to do , you WILL be rewarded. He knows how tedious this is for you and how hard it is to be Christ like towards someone who may not care too much for you. Remember , there is no glory for God in being kind towards people who are kind to you, but there is much glory for God in your kindness towards people who aren't kind to you.
Take heart and know that you are being prayed for and this is a good lesson for growing closer to God. Do not let the devil sway you to be the way a lost person may be towards someone who doesn't like them.
You can do this : )