Thursday, June 11, 2009

Dear Mr. DTV,

Hello. When I first heard about you coming to make a permanent appearance in our lives, I was shocked. I could not contemplate the thought of not being able to sit down in the evening to engross myself in the reality TV world any longer. Give up Survivor? Idol? And not...gasp...Grey's Anatomy??? I was so excited when Obama decided to postpone your arrival. I literally jumped up and down and said a quick 'thank you' that I would get to finish out the seasons of ER, Numb3rs and Grey's. But now, now you are coming for real, and my evening world will be all static and fuzz.

You know what, though? Now I am excited at the thought of your entrance. My evenings will be free!! Free to do the things that Mr Analog stole from me. (ok, i let him steal them from me. i used Mr Analog as an excuse to let the dishes sit til morning, not get any quality reading done, not have meaningful conversations with my husband, and a host of other activities.) But now? NOW, I get to do all of those things! As we won't be purchasing cable, satellite or any other thing-a-ma-jigs to add to our 1995 TV, we will go dark tomorrow night at 11:59 pm. I am even considering staying up to watch it happen and sipping a glass of champagne to celebrate!

Here is a list of activities that will be making their way back into my home and heart, all thanks to you, Mr. DTV:

read my Bible at night and work on my study of Luke.
play a game with my husband. *wink*
play a game with my husband (no wink, he actually likes card games, dice games and the like).
crochet lace (an old love of mine that i haven't done in years).
read some of the amazing books lining my bookshelf that are just gathering dust.
get to bed on time...9 pm sounds great since we get up around 5:30 am.

My mind is overflowing with all the possibilities.

You know what, Mr DTV? My life is going to be so much richer because of you. I lamented losing the shows because I thought I needed them to be entertained. I used Mr Analog to avoid interactions with God and my family. But no more! I have been set free by you, Mr. DTV! Thank you :)

this post was inspired by the writer's workshop hosted by mamakat. check out her blog for more writing prompts and to join the fun!


Giovanna said...

You know what, with today's choice of programs I think it's a good thing! I am amazed at the acceptance of violence, rudeness, infidelity, etc. etc. on the tv now a days. Now that ER is over, : (
so sad to say goodbye to Carter, we watch a total of 3 channels on our tv. The Food Network, The Home and Garden Channel and Channel 8, our local programming channel. It is so hard to make sure that the children won't be exposed to something un-neccessary for their age. I don't want to go to the bathroom and have to come back having to explain something they don't need to know right now!
Enjoy your time with your family ..... and your husband..... wink . wink : )

Musings of the Mrs. said...

You are so very brave. I am not sure I could go static. I think I would have a breakdown. Maybe I should've written about my addiction to TV for Writers Workshop. At least the internet (and you husband and his games) will keep you company.

Omah's Helping Hands said...

Amen and Hallelujah to that! It is actually a blessing. Just wish hubby would see that. ;) Bless you, loved your post!

CJ said...

About 20 years ago when we had 40 cable channels, there were many times when there was nothing on that we wanted to watch, but there was almost always something we didn't mind watching, so we watched TV all the time. When we dropped the cable, we received only CBS and NBC with mediocre reception. For the past 20 years, I tape the national news and Jeopardy, and maybe something else. We wait until the next day to watch, but there are many times when we forget to watch or choose not to, or if we do watch, we often fast-forward through all but the headline of each news story ---or FF to final Jeopardy to see who won. If we really want to watch something else, we can usually get it on DVD at the library or from Netflix or watch on So we don't miss cable. Forty years ago, I lived in Brazil without TV or phones for 2 years. Sometimes I long for those simpler times.

Jamie Mehan said...

I love this, Gin! So proud of you... I'm not that brave. Actually, I'm not brave enough to deal with a hubby denied his ESPN. However, we are the proud new owners of a DVR in the hopes that it will keep our watching to a minimum.

Can't wait to see the lace!

Great-Granny Grandma said...

You know what? I bought the boxes for my two TVs at home (I do not have cable), expecting to at least be able to continue viewing the chnanels I had before. But not so. Even with the box, I get nothing at all on the one TV, and only one channel on the other. And you know what? Much to my surprise, I'm not missing TV at all.

gin said...

after a whole week without the regular TV, we aren't missing it at all. i am finding that i enjoy putting my kids down more and am not n a hurry to do so since there isn't a 'show to watch starting at 8.' my husband is enjoying it, too. i am glad they switched, because i never would have made the leap on my own! thanks for all your encouraging words, ladies!!