Monday, June 14, 2010

digging out the gifts

we have had a rough few months. 2010, well, it has been challenging.

yesterday at church, a friend of mine gifted us with a check. i know they are not in any position to give money to us, as they are living off student loans right now. just as we are living off an equity line of credit.

but she saw my facebook post about all the 'stuff' that has happened to us over the last week, and she said that she and her husband felt led by God to give to us. it was truly a sacrificial gift.

i drove home in tears at their generosity.

i feel very undeserving of their generosity. why should they give to us when every dollar they spend is debt?

i feel guilty for accepting their gift. i feel guilty for accepting the many gifts that have come our way these past few months.

God has a way of bringing me to my knees, especially when i have been overly secure in my own abilities.

this week i am going to recount some of the gifts that have come to us through our circumstances.

40. the hot water heater broke this weekend. GIFT: our children had a blast getting hosed down outside in lieu of a bath. the laughter that erupted from them was priceless!

41. GIFT: the unexpected. sacrificial offering of a friend to help with the cost of replacing said hot water heater.

42. the buckle of stinkerbell's car seat broke on friday night, leaving me to wonder how we could drive anywhere safely. GIFT: we had an old car seat in the garage that i was able to take the buckle from and fit it onto her carseat while we wait for the replacement buckle.

43. tic tac got a butterscotch candy lodged in his throat on saturday night and was scared (truly, truly frightened) that he was going to die. it was a very scary scene, and i was definitely concerned that it might indeed go down the wrong way if he got too worked up. GIFT: he was able to stay calm, and in the end, he vomited up all of his dinner and said butterscotch candy all over the couch :) (strange to find a gift in the vomit, i know, but it was such a relief to see that candy!).

44. the KISA had to have his struts replaced this week. GIFT: he can now drive his car wherever he needs to without stranding me by taking the minivan.

45. our church has a conference in california in a few weeks, and we were not going to be able to attend because it was cost-prohibitive. GIFT: the church is going to assist us financially and we will be able to go!

46. we have also had several small gifts along the way that have helped out tremendously: from my bible study friends, the KISA's father, gift cards to various stores, 2 HUGE boxes of diapers, 3 large gift baskets from our local VA women's center, and i am sure a few others that escape me at the moment.

47. the KISA lost his job the week before j.d. was born. GIFT: he has been home and has helped me out tremendously with all 4 kids. otherwise, i think we would be down to 2 kids :)

48. the KISA is starting a business from home. GIFT: he has had his first couple of clients in the past few weeks. i am so grateful to God for letting him see success!

49. the toilet in the upstairs bathroom decided to develop a leak right into my kitchen! requiring a plumber on a SUNDAY! GIFT: our friend's dad is a plumber and he was able to point us to someone who would be willing to come out on a sunday without charging us an exorbitant amount.

50. we seem to be on everyone's prayer list. GIFT: we have seen amazing things as a result of the prayers of our many friends. i have never felt so loved and encouraged as i have these past few months. the prayer cover is tangible... and i have never experienced that. this alone is worth all the hardship.

51. GIFT: we have had to let go of our pride time and again to accept offers of help and money. it is always a gift to let go of my self.

there have been other disheartening events in our lives recently, but i think i will leave it at that. the bottom line is that GOD is good ALL the time. HEis in EVERY detail of my life. if i look for it, i can see HIM working in each moment, big or small, serious or silly. HE is the provider, not me and not my KISA.

HE continues to care for me and provide for me and my family and make sure that our essentials are taken care of.

because HE IS GOD. and i am His child.


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Jamie~ said...

Oh, my dear friend! I'm sorry that 2010 has been so hard. I'm so thankful that you're able to dig in and find the gifts that are always present. Sometimes, it's the little things from God that gets us through and proves that He's there.

Robyn said...

Thank you for sharing your beautiful heart! God certainly is there all the time and I love your gratitude for all of His gifts. It's amazing how and through whom He sends them.

Thanks for linking up to Mingle Monday! said...

Thanks for visiting my site. I love yours! I'm so glad we've found each other through these link ups. I've bookmarked you and I'll be back often!

Rachymommy -

gin said...

thank you for the encouraging words! Rachymommy: your blog is wonderful! i was so encouraged by your gratitude lists and i will be visiting you often as well!

blessings to each of you :)

Grace Taker said...

We are ALL in debt and have nothing that is not given to us by God! The gift of times like this is we are more aware of it and it gives us a chance to get freed from the slavery of self sufficiency. It's good to have people to share the journey with though.