Sunday, May 23, 2010

gifts from God

holy experience

i have been having a hard time focusing on the gifts these last two weeks. i am not really sure why, but the tone in our home has been fairly negative, and it has really worn on everyone. our 5 year old has had an early bedtime too many times to count, which means we all have a VERY early morning. the baby has had a difficult time sleeping in the daytime, which has made for a very cranky baby as well a cranky mommy. school has been a struggle and everyone seems to be snapping at each other. grrrr.

but, i have managed to get a few snapshots of some blessings these last two weeks, so i will present my list in pictures this week. and i will pray that i am more conscious of the gifts, whether big or small, in the coming days.


photo descriptions:

bonobo with two fuzzy caterpillars found under the trash can in our yard

stinkerbell with her caterpillar

bonobo and stinkerbell making cross crafts given to us by tic tacs bible study teacher

little john doe in his ducky outfit that each of the boys have worn

grandpa and grandma visiting from california for 2 days

daddy reading to tic tac :)

swimming fun for tic tac at grandpa's hotel pool

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