Friday, May 7, 2010

more gifts to count

i know it is tuesday, but yesterday was too crazy to post. i also wanted to get the pictures up to accompany the gifts i saw from God this past week. i have enjoyed looking for His blessings, and i know there were a lot more, but i had trouble recalling them as i wrote this. i think i am going to have to keep track daily on paper and then write the post on sunday :) maybe that will work! hope you all had a very blessed week and saw God working in all the big and little things in your lives.

11. early morning shows put on by our two oldest boys as they make tents and houses out of their bedding

12. giggles from a little girl as we play 'tickle me!' before bed

13. the desire of a 7 year old boy to help his 2.9 year old sister to play dress-up with princess clothes.

14. 3 children laughing and dancing uninhibited in the living room in tu-tus and poodle skirts

15. renters who are going to be vacating our home in colorado at the end of may...we might actually be able to stage it to sell it now

16. a husband who has been home while launching his business...his extra hands have been invaluable

17. a 7 year old son who has FINALLY conquered the mountain of staying dry at night!

18. a trip to IKEA to buy new bedding to celebrate #17

19. sweet kisses from an older brother

20. the joy of a little girl as she finally blows bubbles from a wand

21. a surprise visit from a childhood friend as they visited our town on business

22. beautiful desert blooms

23. a walk in a beautiful desert park and a picnic to follow
a great week to be had by all!!

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Help Meet in the Making said...

Happy Nurses Week to you too! I will keep you in my prayers as you return to work soon!