Monday, November 8, 2010


holy experience

and so another week has passed, and i am struggling to remember to count up my gifts.

gifts from a God who cares about all the little details, not just the big stuff.

a backyard full of crispy crunching leaves, providing endless games for the big boys

the hair and clothing full of leaf bits... proof of fun had outdoors

the gorgeous warm fall weather we have had this season, and not being cooped up indoors by rain and snow

tylenol that takes away fevers that get out of control and make the stinkerbell more stinker than bell

the humidifier that has kept her cough manageable at night

the nebulizers that keep us from making a trip to the emergency room when she is having a hard time breathing

knowing that this illness will pass

no one else in the house has come down with the nasty cold she has

precious few minutes to cuddle on the couch with my babe before going in for my third day in a row of work

the reaching arms of an almost 7 month old little boy when he sees me enter the room

plans to go see the King Tut exhibit to celebrate my son's 8th birthday.... and maybe a final exodus out of Egypt in the schoolroom (please... i feel like we have been in egypt forever!!)

library books to accompany our study on modes of transportation through the ages

the yellow swing in the backyard that all the children (except the babe, of course) have mastered all by themselves!! (it only took Tic Tac 7 1/2 years to learn how to pump his legs to get it moving!)

suction cups on foreheads

leftover white chili so i don't have to cook tonight


laughing through pain

smiling through tears

rejoicing in grief

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gifts #122-140
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