Monday, November 1, 2010

multitude monday...

it has been a while.

i haven't been too focused on counting up my gifts lately.

i finally picked up a journal that a sweet friend gave me and i have been jotting down things here and there.

but in light of this post, i think i need to remember to be thankful for the basics today.

because God has been overly gracious in His provision for my family.

we are all just one step away from being humbled by our "things"

from losing them, that is.

whether it be financial struggles that cause us to pare down, even lose things like a house.

or a disaster like a hurricane or house fire.

tomorrow i could wake up and not have a place to lay my head.

so, today, i will be grateful for the little "luxuries" that i so take for granted

110) as i tucked in my son we thanked God for a soft bed, a blanket and his pillow.

111) i am grateful for the plate on which i ate my hot dinner of pizza and green beans, an not having to eat cold soup out of a can with a plastic spoon.

112) i am grateful for a faucet that runs cold, clean water whenever i thirst.

113) i am grateful for hot water in which i shower, launder our clothes and bathe my children.

114) i am grateful that God has changed my heart so that i can give to a man in need without being cynical

115) i am grateful for my sweater that i can put on when i get chilly.

116) i am grateful for the crib where little JD lays his head.

117) and for his warm, footed sleepers that keep him cozy at night when the weather gets cold.

118) i am grateful for the roof over our heads and firm walls that keep out the cold air.

119) i am grateful for the socks without holes, the shoes with soles and a closet full of clothes that fit.

120) i am grateful that we didn't lose our house in the financial turmoil of the last year.

121) i am grateful to God for showing my a glimpse of humanity and giving me a dose of hard reality and a chance to share with my children how good we have it.

do you want to count up your gifts? join in here.

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